Sell Your Unlocked iPhone 7, Get Paid in Litecoin

Sell Your Unlocked iPhone 7, Get Paid in Litecoin

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New to cryptocurrency or Litecoin? Check out this video to help understand.  It's like Bitcoin except faster and cheaper to send.
Terms and Conditions for Phone Sales (Khiva buys a phone from you, the customer)
You (the Customer) are responsible for the phone arriving to the specified address and the condition that it arrives in.  Please use good packing material and purchase shipping insurance.  The opening of each package is video recorded to document the condition it was received in. 
If you have followed the preparation requirements specified below, you will receive a Litecoin payment equivalent to GBP £10 to reimburse you for your shipping costs regardless of whether you decide to accept or decline the buyback offer. 
If the phone is received and reported as stolen, we will have to notify the police and ask for their guidance as to whether we should return the phone to you to turn the phone over to them as evidence, in which case you will not be paid for phone.
When we're ready to pay you, we'll convert the amount specified below (GBP) into Litecoin and send that amount to the address you specified.  We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages after the payment has been made.  This includes:  if you sent the wrong address, you lost access to your wallet, any tax liability, decline in the value of Litecoin, or any other direct or indirect damages.  If you are new to cryptocurrencies however, you can contact customer support for help getting started, but you are still responsible for any damages as specified previously.  
Phone Requirements
Your phone must meet the requirements below for us to purchase it.  Please check your phone for each of the below before starting the process.
  • Phone turns on and off
  • No screen cracks or chips
  • Housing does not have cracks or excessive scruff marks and dents
  • Makes and receives calls + mobile data
  • Finger touch pad  works 
  • Liquid damage: has your phone ever been submerged in liquid
  • Must not be locked to a network, stolen, or reported as stolen


If your phone meets the requirements above, this the GBP value of Litecoin you will receive.  

iPhone 7 Network Great                     Working Disqualified*
64GB Unlocked GBP 150 GBP 180 0
128GB Unlocked GBP 220 GBP 200 0
256GB Unlocked GBP 250 GBP 220  0

 * Disqualified: your phone does not meet the requirements specified above

You will receive a quote via email to confirm if you accept our categorisation of your phone and the amount you will receive.  Once you accept the quote, you will receive further instructions on submitting your Litecoin address to receive payment.  If you don't accept the quote, your phone will be returned to you. 

If you're OK with everything above, just add this item to your cart and complete the checkout process for the next steps.  Make sure to fill out the correct email and address details.  You will receive step-by-step instructions via email.  Your address details must be correct in order to have your phone returned to you in the event you decide to decline the price offer for your phone.