AMD Threadripper Series

I came across the thread ripper when I was looking for a processor with at least 8 cores, and my first instinct was to go straight to Intel because that's all I knew.  Luckily, a guy pointed out the Threadripper series and said that you pay a lot for Intel's brandname, but actually, the Threadripper's architecture handles multithreaded processes very well.  So, I tried it out and was very happy with it.  The performance in running some machine learning processes has been great even without a GPU, but especially when you start running neural networks, you might want to try this and a GPU.  You'll also notice that I don't stock any Intel chips.  I do this because I want to support competition and even though AMD is quite large, I want to support a 2nd CPU manufacturer to help prevent having a 100% monopoly by one company.
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